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I had the honor of serving with the mothers of California NOW and Califia NOW in San Diego and Los Angeles. It was a joyous occasion for women to speak THE empowering truth.  Amongst Oprah’s Spiritual advisor, Marianne Williamson, I felt the California spirit all over again! It is such a joy to experience California love! One day soon they will love California. Special thanks to a few Queen Calafías: Cheryl Branch, Califia NOW Founder, Adria Fox, California NOW, SD, Michelle Price, California NOW President, SD, Kolieka Seigle, Califonria NOW President, Sacramento. For all the wonderous women and mothers out there, this one’s for you…


A mother courageously cares when others don’t dare.

A mother energetically teaches where others can’t reach.

A mother’s beautiful love is endless and true.

A mother’s womb cradles humanity for the enjoyment of me and you.

CALIFORNIA IS ME thanks Queen Calafia’s like you!


Reign your days ahead and command the respect you so royally deserve. 

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So many people in the audience at the Califia NOW Town Hall were impressed, shocked, and overjoyed to receive their regal, melanated Californian history. 

A few notable quotes are below after I gave my speech (see below part 1) and inquired to Dr. Grant what her professional opinion was concerning the educational suppression of California’s meaning.

 “That doesn’t surprise me.  And it probably should not surprise anyone in terms of the vampirism of the Black community. If you go back fairly recently to the Renaissance, you know, everything got stolen and suppressed…[B]ut here’s what’s wonderful about it, is that the truth is coming to light.  See there’s a time for truth.  And this is the time for it.  So, thank you for exposing it.”

-          Dr. Parthenia Grant, Author and Social psychologist


“The African American community is always paving the way for social justice movements.”

-          Queen Monique Francisco from Sacramento, California


#BlackGirlMagic transformed to #CaliforniaMagic!

Thanks to King Ivan S. Harris for photography and videography. 

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D.C.'s AFRO newspaper reports on CALIFORNIA IS ME, The Real Meaning of California is #BlackGirlMagic

Thanks, reporter Queen Aya Elamroussi of Washington, D.C.'s AFRO newspaper for interviewing CALIFORNIA IS ME founder, Tamra Dicus, to nationally highlight the real truth of America's golden black gem in the Queen of California!  We absolutely love the title and article!   900 views and counting!  Act, Educate, and Celebrate!   Grab a t-shirt and book "Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman" from Amazon.  Please don't forget to sign the act.  #RevealTheSeal #Justice4QueenCalafia #BlackGirlMagic indeed.  Flawless formation. 

First Black Lady Statue in Denmark I Am Queen Mary

How awesome it is to see Europe's Denmark honor the black Queen Mary Statue - slave rebellion fighter!  Wake up, America! Rise up, America! Love California!   Queen Mary is Queen Calafia.  No more Confederate symbols throwing shade on California! #Justice4QueenCalafia #RevealTheSeal Sign the act!

Courtesy of Kansas City Call Newspaper

Courtesy of Kansas City Call Newspaper


Thank you Beyoncé, for not forgetting your culture and donating 25K to my mother Tuskegee!  Queen Bey reigned Coachella and put her money where her mouth is.  I'm glad she chose our HBCU style to showcase why our homecomings are all that! Let’s see our HBCUs homecomings shows bow down this year!  We are relevant and rising! Queen Calafía’s coming up and out!  Now that's entertainment! #Justice4QueenCalafia #RevealTheSeal

Courtesy of Tuskegee Unviersity Click for more

Courtesy of Tuskegee Unviersity Click for more

Black History and Women's History Month spreading California Love

What a great couple of monumental months from February and March for CALIFORNIA IS ME!  Educating all in San Diego on California has been fun!  I love my law school, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, for giving an opportunity for a conduit for Queen Calafía and her California black Amazon warriors to be uncensored no longer.  San Diego is a community that maintains its inherent commitment toward acceptance, truth, and love for all. Brilliant stars shine at Crawford High School.  The Dean, professors, and students at TJSL are true to California's name. California Democratic Party African American Caucus and Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network, slay legal and cultural barriers as only Queen Calafía's California warriors do. Woo, a woman's work is never done!  “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”—Dr. Seuss

Sign up to show the State of California, we, the People, want to live in the land of Queen Calafía

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California Censored presentation debuted at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Pi Day 3-14-18!

California Censored presentation debuted at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Pi Day 3-14-18!

Wakanda Danai Gurira at Essence Black Women in Hollywood (they have no idea how California they are!)

Know our California (American) history! The harvest is upon us! Wake up! Sign here for the past victims, the present strongest Queen Calafia warriors, and the invincible future youth. Beautiful Danai gets it: www.caliisme.com/act 

See Danai's speech: https://www.facebook.com/essence/videos/10156234514702855/

Success! The Call Newspaper reports on CALIFORNIA CENSORED movement. #RevealTheSeal

An insidious campaign of misinformation regarding African American’s contributions and influence has silently plagued the United States. The latest and most cited collection of historical documents reveal the true history of California.  Instead of featuring Queen Calafía, a Black woman warrior, California lawmakers chose a subliminal symbol with Confederate origins to represent the Great Seal of the State of California. Unbeknownst to many in the general public, California was named after Queen Calafía, the original, black wonder woman envisioned by Spanish writer Garcí Rodríguez de Montalvo in his popular novel entitled Las sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián).  During my research, I discovered documents that revealed the transformation of Queen Calafía from a diverse symbol of strength, culture and vitality to an image inspired by the Confederacy.  I, along with a group of women law students at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, have set out to correct this wrong.  CALIFORNIA CENSORSED is the movement we started to create awareness, remove California's Confederate symbolism, and reveal the true faces of Queen Calafía and her Nubian California Amazon warriors. The movement is complemented by  CALIFORNIA IS ME™, the ethos, the lifestyle, and fashion brand that represents the truth and royalty of California.

Although we have started a conversation in California, we want to include voices from across the U.S. The historical achievements of Black people must no longer be overshadowed.  In September, the demand of the removal of symbols representing modern day Confederacy added fuel that would ignite a powder keg of widespread racism. San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans have successfully taken down racist symbols.   The next step is to remind the general public of California’s true Heritage and to include that imagery in the Great Seal of the State of California. The CALIFORNIA IS ME™ project is especially relevant and is consistent with the #MeToo movement founded by Tamika Mallory, a Black woman and respected political activist who started the movement long before it was popularized in the mainstream.  Now, time’s up and the time is now to eradicate racism with the truth.  Join our empowered movement in fashion (click here) and/or in action (click here). 

Below is our first article that debuted our efforts in the February 23rd issue of the Kansas City Call newspaper as reported by Eric Wesson via our media release.


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