Martin Luther King Holiday: Struggle Continues from Capitols to Schools to Jobs

While it is great to see Texas has taken down its Confederate plaque from its Capitol, a Black student in Kansas is told her skin was “too dark” to perform for it “clashed” with the uniforms (see Kansas City Star report and Diversityinc). My dear Kansas California warrior Cheerleaders and Pacesetters are so familiar with the racist environments in Overland Park, KS schools. Camille was excluded from the dance and it was alleged that “the audience would look at her and not the other dancers” (see lawsuit). As teenagers, I recall my darker friend had to change her pantyhose color that did not match with her skin color to “blend in” with the rest. Our solutions then were to fight for spots in the headlight, initiate programs, and involve the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Camille is dubbed today Queen Calafia’s California Amazon warrior for courageously filing that lawsuit! We support you beautiful! Slay Queen Camille! She knows her worth!

These similar experiences are why I decided to attend Tuskegee University and law school. One day soon California will correct its racial insignia. #Justice4QueenCalafia

Recently, inside a GM plant nooses and “whites-only” signs hung (see CNN).

The struggle continues…

A picture says a thousand words. Look at the placement of hands. Source:  Keka Araujo,

A picture says a thousand words. Look at the placement of hands. Source: Keka Araujo,

Veterans, Thanksgiving, and Christmas: The Joyful Season Begins.

Because Veterans Rock, Friends and Family Rock, and Queen Regina Hill and King Common Rock, CALIFORNIA IS ME extends Thanksgiving from November into December! So many have been so gracious. Queen Regina Hall exemplifies support for Black women when I asked her to empower us, saying, “Thank you. I love this so much. I would be proud to wear this.” King Common was supportive too holding up my book. Full video interview is (here) at 1:24


Anyone who fights for freedom is fighting for America. Thank you to family and friends who are for truth and have been supporting me on this long journey. Veterans have victoriously fought for Queen Calafía.

Queen Actress Regina Hall rocks CALIFORNIA IS ME EST 1510 gear

Queen Actress Regina Hall rocks CALIFORNIA IS ME EST 1510 gear

King Rapper Common reads Who Is The Real Queen Calafia of California?: The Real Wonder Woman

King Rapper Common reads Who Is The Real Queen Calafia of California?: The Real Wonder Woman

veterans at CBC

veterans at CBC

Anyone who joins the Justice Army is victorious in the fight for restoring Queen Calafía! From family and friends, to actors, to professors, to students, to Black and Greek organizations to civil servants to veterans, all have given me so much courage and have shown me what it means to be American. Thus all gear is 50% off up until Dec. 31, 2018 @ Truly worthy California warriors! I must continue to thank our African American U.S. Veterans, from Tuskegee Airmen to Buffalo and USA soldiers, retired and still dedicating continued civil service in education, business, law schools, and non-profits, who have supported CALIFORNIA IS ME. Emblazed on their joyful hearts, fighting abroad and at home is admirable and worthy of California recognition. In December, I take on the courage from all supportive hands and challenge the next one to spread the joy and act for our best Californian image. As a people, descendants of the African continent, we have raised, fought, bled, and died for America, now the California Crown is ours! Educate. Celebrate. Act! @

Boo! California is misrepresented: The Queen is Black not White.  The “WW” in Wonder Woman = WhiteWashed. We have been tricked, now want a treat? 

“If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful, 'brethren!' Be careful, teachers!”  

—Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “The Purpose of Education” from Morehouse College student newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, 1947

African Americans arose from America’s Enslavement, Civil War, Civil Rights, and now we shall continue to rise in our INTELLECUTAL rights in the name, “California”.  Now is the time to rise up with Dr. Maya Angleou’s finesse to our rightful place as California Queens and Kings!


“Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” – Carter G. Woodson

 Treat: Educate. Celebrate. Act! Once you wear your CALIFORNIA IS ME EST. 1510 gear, you will be transformed, better than Super Kanye!  Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (Drake’s song voice). Shop the book, gear, and petition @ CALIFORNIA freedom!

Reclaim California, NOW! 



CIM's Justice Army in Media Reigns!: ATL's WAOK, D.C.'s ITCTV, D.C.'s AFRO news, K.C.'s The Call

Thanks to the Kings of media for charging forward, Dr. Slaughter, WAOK Radio, Atlanta, GA, Abdush-Shaid Munir, ITCTV, and Rock Newman, WHUT T.V. Washington, D.C. ITCTV teams with CALIFORNIA IS ME’s first Facebook Live teaching video and second interview on California Censored disclosed in the book, “Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman may be sourced here:

Live Video: (here).

1st T.V. interview, ITCTV, Washington, D.C.: (here).

1st radio interview, WAOK, Atlanta, GA: (here).

Slay Queens and Kings! Challenge your organizations to forward!

For more media clips, visit media link: (here).

Pass the Califorrnia Censored National Public Service Announcement: (here).

For updates, visit

Harvard University's Queen Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham = Queen Calafía. Making History HER-story. Reign!

I was overjoyed to meet all at the culmination of dreams of those that presented “Fredrick Douglass, 19th Century Civil Rights Activist: His Legacy Today” event at the U.S. National Archives in Washington D.C. on October 18, 2018.  I was especially moved to astonishment to meet Dr. Evelyn Higginbotham, the first African American woman to head Harvard’s Department of History.  I began my research at the U.S. Archives, LOC, and Harvard University to author my book Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman).  Thus, as a Tuskegee University engineering alumna and TJSL law student, it was truly a full circle moment.  As I am evolving into the “social engineer” Charles Hamilton Houston, Harvard University law graduate and Howard University learned, spoke of.  At the event, it was disclosed that King Douglass was not so much concerned with the effects of American Slavery to his physical body but what it was doing to “his intellect”.  Dr. Evelyn spoke also of how Douglass was a true intellectual and it “struck” her that he loved art and yet was intellectual as much as King DuBois.  Thanks Queen Evelyn.  Recall, Harvard University’s Dr. W.E.B. DuBois was the first African American to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard University from the Department of History who yearned for us to stop the propaganda of history.  Harvard University’s Carter G. Woodson was the second African American to graduate from the Department of History and yearned for Black people to take pride in being Black, initiating Black History Month in America.  Now, a Black woman leads THE History Department.  OMG! History IS alive!


America, let’s prove, once more, that these brilliant Black visionaries’ dreams are not dead, but ALIVE in California as Harvard University’s Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale (a White American) desired.  It is time to combine their kingly dreams!  Come up from Slavery, and the Civil Rights Movement to lift the veil of ignorance as Tuskegee University’s founder Booker T. Washington desired, to restore Black people’s intellectual property rights in The Queen of California.  Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham is Queen Calafía in the flesh! So proud of her accomplishments and what will surely come. Together, Black women and all intelligent Americans shall reign in the royal truth!  Our ancestors are screaming: it is time to love California!   

“Power concedes nothing without a demand.” - Fredrick Douglass. Therefore, 1) sign the petition by pressing sign and 2) pass the California Censored National Public Service Announcement

ASALH Queens!

ASALH Queens!

-Tamra L. Dicus

Founder and Owner of CALIFORNIA IS ME

Thank you to my undisclosed kings and queens, Fredrick Douglas National Historic Site, the Fredrick Douglass Family Initiatives, ASALH, U.S. National Archives, National Park Service, ASALH, NAAHCM, and Harvard University.

#Justice4QueenCalafia #RealWonderWoman #RevealTheSeal #CaliforniaIsMe

@ASALH @NAAHCM @USNatArchives @kmorrisjr @TuskegeeUniv @JimGrossmanAHA @OfficialCBC @afronews @NNPA_BlackPress @CaliforniaIsMe

Queen Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Harvard University Director of History Department and Tamra L. Dicus, CALIFORNIA IS ME Founder and author of “Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman”

Queen Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Harvard University Director of History Department and Tamra L. Dicus, CALIFORNIA IS ME Founder and author of “Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman”

Queen Calafía’s finest: Queen Angela Davis, the baddest California warrior visited Washington D.C.

Super Saturday soars with tons of empowering quotes!

What an honor to meet Queen Calafía’s finest warrior and Oakland’s Black Panther—Angela Davis! I empowered myself with the California Black Women Amazon warrior spirit, as I had my super CALIFORNIA IS ME EST. 1510™ tee-shirt on (Kanye, you’re not the only one with super powers), to fight the long lines wrapped around the corner in the rain.  Queen Angela slayed this week, debuting her latest book, “Freedom is a Constant Struggle” at Busboys and Poets in D.C. to a pack filled room.  Amy Goodman, television reporter at Democracy Now!, interviewed The Queen with poignant questions, stating how “history gets erased so quickly” and how Queen Aretha Franklin offered to post bail for Angel Davis. 

IMG_6877 angela.jpg

Queen Aretha, as told by Amy Goodman, stated, “[I] got the money from Black people and I want to use it to help Black people!...[A]ngela Davis must go free.  Angela Davis will be free.”  How apropos for California’s regal Black name to embrace such powerful Black women, true to its very name.  One day California’s freedom from censorship will occur. [sign the petition here] The freedom in the collective Black American intellectual property will ensure more Black women are Queens of California: Arethas, Angelas, Oprahs and their offspring are Kings of California: Malcolms, Martins, and Baracks.  A true California warrior can only bounce back from three death penalties, being followed and fired from UCLA.   Queen Angela expressed the need for hiring Black attorneys.  Trust is the obvious reason. 

I was overwhelmed to joy and encouraged to listen to her transformative, survival American story to continue to eradicate racism.   What an empowering, enlightening, and explosive night!  Calafía’s California is back to reign!


A transcript (may not be in its final form) of the event is as follows with a voice recording below.    

Angela Davis - It was “…1971. George was uh, was killed by uh, San Quentin guards. And umm it was during that period there was so much going on, uh that it was uh, we could hardly find the time to morn and to grieve because, you know, something else would happen…[T]hat period was so compressed…[I]’ll never forget when my uh, attorney Howard Moore and um my attorney Margret Burnum…[c]ame to visit me because at that particular time I was back in solitary confinement ‘cause I had been extradited to California…”. 

Amy Goodman- “And you chose to have Black attorneys which is a very important statement. Um hum.”

Angel Davis- “Well, yeah. I mean, why no-, I mean-why. The thing is, there was so many political prisoners during that period…[T]here were, there were really good attorneys…[B]ut, but there were also Black attorneys who were committed who had a history um in civil rights activism...”. 



Listen to more of the video clip (here).

Buy Queen Angela Davis’ book (here).  

Read an article by the L.A. Free Press, 8/27/1971 (here) titled, “Angela Davis on George Jackson”.

IMG_6646 angela davis.jpg

Happy International Girls Day! Keep Pushing California of D.C.!

Today, October 11, is International Girls Day. Teach a girl, teach the world! CALIFORNIA IS ME thanks PUSH for sharing in this vision, and for a platform to educate, celebrate, and act for Queen Calafía, the real Wonder Woman in the Seal. The queendom of California is in the District! Education is power, arm up! Press sign @ for the petition to restore Her Majesty. Thank you all so much for the support! It was an enlightening, empowering night. @CaliforniaIsMe @pushthecity Get your R3 on! Rise, reign, and rule!

Push collage 2.jpg

Louisiana Seal Changed to Darken the Skin for Native Americans, California, tag, you're it!

The New Orleans Advocate newspaper reports on New Orleans, Louisiana’s seal to more accurately represent the true, dark melanin of Native Americans. The truth shall set you free! It is time to live in the truth of who we were and are as Americans. How refreshing that Louisiana leads the nation toward knowledge and not ignorance! Way to go Queen Mayor LaToya Cantrell, let’s influence California to do the same! Sign the petition #Justice4QueenCalafia #RevealTheSeal “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”- James Madison, Fourth President of the USA

Lifting the Veil of Ignorance at the ALC Congressional Black Caucus, Washington D.C., Sept. 2018

Spreading California love! Special thanks to all those Queens and Kings that helped disseminate CALIFORNIA IS ME’s mission: Donna Brazile, Rep. (New York) Yvette Clark, Professor Michael Eric Dyson, Rock Newman, TCA’s Ivy Pendleton, Stevie T., and Rep. (Our California) Maxine Waters. Each 1 Teach 1! See radio and TV interviews (here). See more pictures (here). We are rising! Made for now! #RevealTheSeal #Justice4QueenCalafia

CBC collage.jpg