Revive Ernestine Morrison's "The Average Black Girl" NOW

Top of the morning to Queen Calafia's Justice Army.  California Is Me highlights 'The Average Black Girl' rehearsed by Ernistine Morrison on Arsenio Hall to remind us of the critical time when Fannie Lou Hamer stated she was "sick and tired of being sick and tired." 

The family would pick fifty-sixty bales of cotton a year, so my father decided to rent some land. He bought some mules and a cultivator. We were doin’ pretty well. He even started to fix up the house real nice and had bought a car. Then our stock got poisoned. We knowed this white man had done it. He stirred up a gallon of Paris green with the feed. When we got out there, one mule was already dead. The other two mules and the cow had their stomachs all swelled up. It was too late to save ’em. That poison knocked us right back down flat. We never did get back up again. That white man did it just because we, were gettin’ somewhere. White people never like to see Negroes get a little success. All of this stuff is no secret in the state of Mississippi. --“We been waitin’ all our lives,” Mrs. Hamer exclaims, “and still gettin’ killed, still gettin’ hung, still gettin’ beat to death. Now we’re tired waitin’!” Queen Ms. Hamer, Courtesy of The Nation

Slay Queen Ernestine! Rise Extraordinary California Queens!

Queen Calafia = Mayor Racquel Vasquez! Queen Racquel runs San Diego!

CALIFORNIA IS ME thanks Mayor Racquel Vasquez for wielding her power to uplift the importance of our mission on Queen Calafía, 4ever the ruler of California.  Mayor Racquel Vasquez is the first African American woman mayor in San Diego, California. This city is powerful!  Who run the world? Answered. Reign California ladies!  

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Comic-Con AfroFuturism Knows The Real

It was such a great time educating and being appreciated at the 2018 AfroFuturism event.  Truly astronomical! I was overwhelmed to tears. Thank you all for your support and suggestions! Each 1 Teach 1. Special thanks to Queen Dr. LaWanda Richmond and the Dream Tank.  Queen Calafia's in effect! Reign Queens and Kings in your individual realms! #Justice4QueenCalafia #RevealTheSeal #CaliforniaForever

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Weekly "Super Saturday" quote from Cali Is Me!


"Tamra Dicus' work continues to challenge the myth of white superiority. The narrative of Queen Calafia has long been hidden in plain sight. Dicus is having none of it! "Who is the Black Queen Calafía of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman" is a major contribution to the growing body of work that centers African people's contributions to world history and cultures." - Adisa A. Alkebulan, Ph.D., Department of Africana Studies, San Diego State University

CALIFORNIA IS ME debuts the Queen Calafia (the Real Wonder Woman) at Afrofuturism Lounge in San Diego, CA

Hear ye', Hear ye': At the AfroFuturism Lounge, Tamra Dicus, Founder of CALIFORNIA IS ME and TJSL law student, will be interviewed tonight in San Diego, California during Comic-Con! #SDAFL2018


The truth shall never be denied.  Queen Calafia's California continues to rise. Come one, come all! California started it ALL!   #Justice4QueenCalafia #RevealTheSeal #California4ever

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