CNN: May I Educate you on Calafía or Califa [sic] this Fathers Day?

Originally sourced from CNN news article, David Williams and Amanda Jackson

Originally sourced from CNN news article, David Williams and Amanda Jackson

Respectfully, CNN reporters, misinformation perpetuates miseducation. @ David Williams and @ Amanda Jackson, on Wed, June 12, 2019 ,   a recent article titled, “A fake California license plate didn't fool a motorcycle cop, or spell the state's name right” (see CNN original article

 is misguided.  I’d like to offer a reason from a historical and literary perspective as to just why the CA trucker did not attempt to misspell “California”. Primarily, a reason for the trucker’s decision to “Instead of the state's name, the plate said "CALIFAS," which is Spanish slang for California” as reported by CNN is not because it is Spanish slang but because it is an English translation of the Spanish Black Queen Calafía-the namesake of the State of California.  The plural on Califa [sic] is for Calafía’s California to rightfully show ownership of the word. The name Calafía or Califa [sic] is relevant because: 1) Queen Calafía and her California monarchy is derived from the legendary, majestical all Black woman Amazonian golden island called “California” taught in the Spanish book by GARCÍ RODRÍGUEZ DE MONTALVO and  incidentally 2) is the direct etymology of the invented and adopted state name, “California”.

Secondarily, it is safe to presume a California citizen knows how to spell “California” as he is a resident and the name is the most popular state, not to mention on practically every food item.

I, Ms. Tamra L. Dicus, am leading an effort to correct this California censored issue in its whitewashed Great Seal to dispel the omission of black women and women of color.   For more information on this effort please visit: 

For further reading please see: 

1) Ms. Tamra L. Dicus, Author of "Who is the Black Queen Calafia of Golden California?: The Real Wonder Woman"

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2) Ms. Aya ElamroussiSpecial to the AFRO article, “Real Meaning of California is #BlackGirlMagic, April. 19, 2018. 

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Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governorsmust arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”. - President James Madison, Father of the Constitution 

#CaliforniaIsMe #Justice4QueenCalaifa #RevealTheSeal  #California  

Thanks to all fathers, especially mine a historian from the Show-Me-State, for giving me the California courage to slay away! Happy Fathers Day!

Disclaimer: all words are not of the federal government nor the USTPO but as a private citizen.