All The Stars Are Closer

Celebrating on Throwback Thursday. 1) My (Black article : “In closing, I am reminded of the quote from George Washington Carver, the esteemed former professor of Tuskegee Institute, ‘There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation.’ These words guided me while at Tuskegee and still serve as my lamppost in my career and life.” From Dr. MLK Day to the horizon of Black History Month, Tuskegee Pride emanates #BlackBrilliance! I realized then, and much more now, the importance of the foundation at a Tuskegee University or HBCU. They are so critical to our development. They produce grounded stars.


2) Now, I am a Trademark holder! My brand, CALIFORNIA IS ME EST. 1510, issued on Christmas Day 2018! Thank you to all my smart, courageous, California warrior models (Ana, Annette, Baby Nova, Bridget, Brittany, Octavia, Jessica, Momma, Monique, Khorey, Sarah and Sharon)! They gave the brand LIFE by donating their celebrity! We are strongest in the world and can survive any challenge! Circle R blessed! Registered in perpetuity. You too, like Kanye, can feel like a Superhero: (Become Empowered!)

Slay, rise, and rule!

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