Linda Brown, Queen of Brown v. Topeka, Kansas Board of Education, dies but her spirit lives

Indeed, Kansas has Californian ways. Linda Brown, a true Queen Calafía’s California warrior, showed courage and strength amongst a sea of bigotry. Those beautiful, sacrificial traits exhibited by my Kansan-Californian neighbor shook the ground so that we could walk, rise, and slay educational barriers today! I, an engineer, a law student and founder of CALIFORNIA IS ME™, pause to say thank you and am inspired to continue to pick up the sword of truth, justice, and righteousness to follow in her spirited, regal legacy. Queen Linda Brown’s spirit shall never die; it lives on after Topeka, Kansas Board of Education when we pick up the torch, fight, and march on toward equality and equity in every crevice, nook and cranny of injustice to continuously form that perfect nation in which we live for a better future for our kids. Slay! California is Me! #RevealTheSeal Sign the acts (click).

-"A lawyer's either a social engineer or... a parasite on society."  - Charles Hamilton Houston

Linda Brown T separate but equal.JPG