Queen Calafía’s finest: Queen Angela Davis, the baddest California warrior visited Washington D.C.

Super Saturday soars with tons of empowering quotes!

What an honor to meet Queen Calafía’s finest warrior and Oakland’s Black Panther—Angela Davis! I empowered myself with the California Black Women Amazon warrior spirit, as I had my super CALIFORNIA IS ME EST. 1510™ tee-shirt on (Kanye, you’re not the only one with super powers), to fight the long lines wrapped around the corner in the rain.  Queen Angela slayed this week, debuting her latest book, “Freedom is a Constant Struggle” at Busboys and Poets in D.C. to a pack filled room.  Amy Goodman, television reporter at Democracy Now!, interviewed The Queen with poignant questions, stating how “history gets erased so quickly” and how Queen Aretha Franklin offered to post bail for Angel Davis. 

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Queen Aretha, as told by Amy Goodman, stated, “[I] got the money from Black people and I want to use it to help Black people!...[A]ngela Davis must go free.  Angela Davis will be free.”  How apropos for California’s regal Black name to embrace such powerful Black women, true to its very name.  One day California’s freedom from censorship will occur. [sign the petition here] The freedom in the collective Black American intellectual property will ensure more Black women are Queens of California: Arethas, Angelas, Oprahs and their offspring are Kings of California: Malcolms, Martins, and Baracks.  A true California warrior can only bounce back from three death penalties, being followed and fired from UCLA.   Queen Angela expressed the need for hiring Black attorneys.  Trust is the obvious reason. 

I was overwhelmed to joy and encouraged to listen to her transformative, survival American story to continue to eradicate racism.   What an empowering, enlightening, and explosive night!  Calafía’s California is back to reign!


A transcript (may not be in its final form) of the event is as follows with a voice recording below.    

Angela Davis - It was “…1971. George was uh, was killed by uh, San Quentin guards. And umm it was during that period there was so much going on, uh that it was uh, we could hardly find the time to morn and to grieve because, you know, something else would happen…[T]hat period was so compressed…[I]’ll never forget when my uh, attorney Howard Moore and um my attorney Margret Burnum…[c]ame to visit me because at that particular time I was back in solitary confinement ‘cause I had been extradited to California…”. 

Amy Goodman- “And you chose to have Black attorneys which is a very important statement. Um hum.”

Angel Davis- “Well, yeah. I mean, why no-, I mean-why. The thing is, there was so many political prisoners during that period…[T]here were, there were really good attorneys…[B]ut, but there were also Black attorneys who were committed who had a history um in civil rights activism...”. 



Listen to more of the video clip (here).

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Read an article by the L.A. Free Press, 8/27/1971 (here) titled, “Angela Davis on George Jackson”.

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