Happy New Year! Listen to Michelle Obama on Life Skills and Lessons

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about black life in Chicago:  "fear is real" for black people; living within skeptical boundaries on the South side; "talking like a white girl" will get you beat up; if artist was of "a different race" and time; he would have been a great artists; the "power of arts" that serves as the hook for math and reading; using and finding your voice, particularly for women - "speak out at an early age"; don't instantly speak first words as tweeting and "social media is a powerful weapon"; "words matter"; and how to exercise self-care, exercise and put yourself first to ensure your health by just exercising 30 minutes.  Such tools are good advice for our first day of the New Year.  Detroit poet Marge Piercy poem, "To Be of Use” is something to strive for in the New Year:

"The people I love the best jump into work head first without dallying in the shadows. I love people who strain in the muck and the mud who strain forward, who do what has to be done again and again."  Let's pray, work, and slay!