Spanish Embassy on Desigining America: Spain's Imprint in the U.S.

The Spanish influence is not only in cities but I submit, in states too (i.e. of course California and other states as well New Mexico).  Note the Spanish contribution present in "emblematic cities" below. Further, what is an emblematic state and "undeniable Spanish presence" in the 16th Century up until the 21st Century, is the name California and its primeval meaning of an island of Terrestrial Paradise of black women on a gold land of USA's most populated state.

Excerpt from the web article:  "Curated by Spanish architects Juan Miguel Hernández León and Francisco Arques Soler and designed as an open cross-sectional tour through architecture, urban planning and the territory, Designing America: Spain’s Imprint in the U.S. enlightens the historical, political and cultural events that have marked the course of 500 years of common history between the United States and Spain.

The Spanish contribution is present in emblematic cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles or New Orleans, which preserve an undeniable Spanish presence in their twenty-first century structure, culture and heritage."  Awesome!  Source, click here: