Queen Calafia: The Real Wonder Woman

As Independence Day 2017 passes, I am trying to free the black Queen Calafia, Ruler of California from the shadows of history, locked by a 507 year deadbolt.  California means black women and barely anyone knows or cares, as it was Queen Calafia's island based on the first time in history the name was ever used in 1510.  It is so cool to know how special and unique the all black women warrior island called California is still being used today.  So, is it okay to celebrate black women such as Beyonce or Serena; yet we can't celebrate Queen Calafia or California -the black women warriors on the island?  Why?  Historians, parents, children, and teachers, can we correct the current record and historical inaccuracies? This is significant.  Say her name! Queen Calafia! #caliisme.