Over the past three years, the CALIFORNIA IS ME, LLC.’s campaigns have been rooted in mixed reactions.  The company name itself became sourced in a confused, yet a fun awakening.  Such emotions are integral parts of the core of what it truly means to be “Californian”.  We hope each person who learns the meaning of the name “California” will personally take on the mission to re-educate and realize, “California Is Me”. Thus, we have initiated dual campaigns.

Campaign A: the “CALIFORNIA IS ME™” campaign was initiated to educate the public and create awareness of the etymology of the name of California and to celebrate the origins of the unknown black women California Amazon etymological facts.  The book imprint and clothing label are offshoots of the core CALIFORNIA IS ME™ concept.  The clothing line is aptly named, “CALIFORNIA IS ME EST. 1510™” to:

·       Fashionably highlight the historical facts that the name is the most ancient state name and is the first superhero American concept,

·       was the phrase that was originally exclaimed when the owner and founder read the original novel that documented the invented names -Queen Calafia and California, and

·       the 1510 year was the creation date of the invented state name, later adopted by the United States of America in 1850.   

The masses have not heard of these truths; which is why it is important that as citizens in general, we remain vigilant in maintaining the true history of our state name and image to eradicate profiling and racism from history to reality to entertainment. Learning history is fun now that we know it has superhero origins.  As the ancestors said, “Each one teach one.” It is of most importance for Black women to know it because our identity has been stripped and attacked upon the birth of America and still remains an issue amongst our collective offspring.    

Campaign B: the “CALIFORNIA CENSORED” campaign was initiated to educate the public California citizens to strictly focus on revealing the meaning of the name, and imagery associated with any aspect of the name “California” and its Queen Calafia in the state’s insignia.  The “CALIFORNIA CENSORED” campaign was named so and initiated to:

·       Fix the unknown facts and to accurately restore and represent the nascent of California – the state in America– in honor of the injustices of the African ancestors and Black Americans being forbidden to read because they were enslaved and had no voice to empower them to speak on how the state name and image should be logically represented statewide.

·       Create awareness of truth and representation of African American descendants of the American Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade to fight for their accurate representation statewide.

·       Socially harness the feelings associated with this “new black history” or “discovery” and restore the black queen Calafia to insignia, to restore those directly affected by the censorship, and in doing so become closer to feeling complete and respected in America to eradicate the aftermath of American Enslavement.    

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AS AN ENGINEER, TAMRA HAS A NATURALLY INQUISITIVE MIND, BUT  HAPPENED TO STUMBLE UPON THE MEANING OF CALIFORNIA, feeling sad about the current great seal, she decided she'd create her own seal. WHO GOES AROUND THINKING STATE NAMES HAVE MEANINGS?  IN 2015, Upon returning TO the nation's capital FROM a visit IN the City of Angels WITH A California friend, a Maryland friend noticed TAMRA'S spirit and aura HAD changed.  NATURALLY SHE asked where she returned back from because she had a glow about her.  Tamra responded, "California" and told her FRIEND about the beauty of the people and the land.  they decided to research the name and DISCOVERED THE MEANING AND TRUE DEFINTION OF CALIFORNIA.   


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with research she discovered the california censored truth, and headed to law school in california! #C2 #Justice4queencalafia

cool to know, black women are the original derivation of the state name, so why are the CALIFORNIA WOMEN AMAZON WARRIORS of QUEEN CALAFIA's kingdom being censored? tamra then set off to fill the holes of history.#RevealTheSeal


Our mission

dissemination of unknown information, blending FASHION TO STIMULATE INTEREST IN HISTORY AND STEM FIELDS TO EMPOWER AND ENCOURAGE CRITICAL THINKING TO SOLVE AND illuminate lost golden nugget truths of AMERICAN AND AFRICAN history, starting with California and its seal. BLACK HISTORY "MONTH" IS AN EVER EVOLVING STORY SINCE SLAVERY.  

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Tamra hopes to aid in teaching black, women's, and American history via books and t-shirts consulting with V.I.P.s (you! beautiful queens and kings) to help us increase awareness for changing historical inaccuracies and eradicating racism.


“Whoever controls the images, controls your self-esteem, self respect, and self development, whoever controls your history controls your vision.”
— Dr. Leonard Jeffries 

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eureka! I found her now!!


celebrate empower and slay! the queen calafia way!